Canadian, American and African bishops meet for fourth Consultation

Eighteen bishops met in Cape Town, South Africa from 2 to 5 May for the fourth Consultation of Anglican Bishops in Dialogue. Michael Ingham of New Westminster, Canada and James Tengatenga of Southern Malawi, both friends of Changing Attitude England, were present as well as bishops from South Africa, Burundi, Zambia, South Sudan, Ghana, Canada and […]

All Saints 2012

“Time is too short for me to tell stories of Gideon, Barak, Samson, and Jephthah, of David and Samuel and the prophets. Through faith they overthrew kingdoms, established justice, saw God’s promises fulfilled. They shut the mouths of lions, quenched the fury of fire, escaped death by the sword.” Hebrews 11.32b-34a When I read those […]

Changing Attitude Kenya meets Bishop Julius Kalu, Bishop of Mombasa

Bishop Julius Kalu (2nd from right) with members of Changing Attitude Kenya at the meeting

In a development of great significance for LGBTI Anglicans, members of Changing Attitude Kenya’s steering committee together with local LGBTI Anglicans met Bishop Julius Kalu of Mombasa on Saturday 20th October 2012. The importance of the meeting extends to LGBTI Africans, Christians and people of faith across the continent. The meeting evolved from the foundations […]

LGBTI Kenyans motivating political and religious change for the whole of Africa

Yesterday evening I heard David Kuria deliver the Kaleidoscope lecture at the University of London about his campaign for election as a senator in next year’s Kenyan election. David is campaigning as an openly gay man, a first in Africa. He began by reflecting on the attitude of LGBTI Africans to their involvement in working […]

Changing Attitude Kenya sends all Kenyan bishops the LGBTI Empowerment Seminar Report

On Monday we carried Rev Michael Kimindu’s report of the LGBTI Empowerment Seminar held in Mombasa on Saturday 11 August. The Rt Revd Julius Kalu, Bishop of Mombasa, accepted an invitation to attend the seminar and meet for the first time 20 LGBTI Kenyan Christians. The seminar was organized as a result of media reports […]

Neema Metropolitan Community Church holds an LGBTI Empowerment Seminar with Mombasa Anglican Bishop, Julius Kalu

Rt Revd Julius Kalu, Bishop of Mombasa

The Revd Michael Kimindu wears several hats! He is the Director of Other Sheep Africa and an MCC Minister as well as being an Anglican priest and the founder of Changing Attitude Kenya. Michael introduced me to Bishop Julius Kalu of Mombasa when I visited Kenya in March this year. Bishop Kalu was very welcoming […]

Bishops in Lewes, Diocese of Chichester and Mombasa, Kenya, unwittingly reveal the drama of changing attitudes towards LGBTI people in the Anglican Communion

Eddie Mair interviewed the Revds David Page and Howard Norton for iPM on BBC R4 this evening. They were interviewed about the Clergy Discipline Measure procedure take against David by Bishop Wallace Benn following David’s honesty in applying for a PTO 5 years after Wallace had refused David a PTO because David wouldn’t answer questions […]

A Sacrament of Love : a statement by the third meeting of Anglican Bishops in dialogue

A Sacrament of Love: Our Continuing Testimony of Grace This statement was released by the Consultation of Anglican Bishops in Dialogue after their third meeting June 4 to 7 in Toronto, Ont. The statement from their second meeting “A Testimony of Grace,”  is also available. Love has been perfected in us in this: that we […]

Meeting with Bishop Julius Kalu of Mombasa


Michael Kimindu and I are now in Mombasa after a long and tiring bus journey from Nairobi. The plus side, Michael’s brother-in-law is the manager of the hotel, and very up-market beach front hotel. We are staying in an apartment free of charge, paying only for meals. It was bliss this morning after yesterday’s dust and […]

Michael Kimindu meets the Bishop of Mombassa

The Rt Revd Julius Kalu, Bishop of Mombasa

The Revd Michael Kimindu, Changing Attitude’s representative in Kenya, had a meeting with the Bishop of Mombassa, the Rt Revd Julius Kalu, yesterday. The Bishop began by giving Michael an account of what happened at the Consultation meeting of nineteen bishops held in Dar Es Salaam from February 24 to 27 2011. The meeting had […]