LGBTI Kenyans motivating political and religious change for the whole of Africa

Yesterday evening I heard David Kuria deliver the Kaleidoscope lecture at the University of London about his campaign for election as a senator in next year’s Kenyan election. David is campaigning as an openly gay man, a first in Africa. He began by reflecting on the attitude of LGBTI Africans to their involvement in working […]

Lobby group advocates for new Commonwealth Charter on LGBT people

Britain’s Kaleidoscope Trust has submitted its recommendations for changes to the Commonwealth Charter and called for an agreed timetable to end the criminalisation of LGBT people. The call came in response to a request by the Royal Commonwealth Society for proposals to amend the new draft Charter of the Commonwealth. Eighteen countries in Africa are […]

Further reflections on the meeting with Bishop Joseph of Machakos

There is a great divergence of opinion about homosexuality in the Church of Kenya. The Dean of Theology at one of the Nairobi universities sent a text to Michael saying: “In my view, timing, strategy, participants and fear need to be rethought. Several senior clergy including retired Archbishop David Gitari have gay friends and are […]

Kaleidoscope hosts discussion with three leading LGB&T figures from Africa, the Caribbean and Asia

Maurice Tomlinson

Yesterday evening in the House of Commons, Kaleidoscope International Diversity Trust hosted a discussion with three leading figures from the LGB&T movement in Africa, the Caribbean and Asia. Maurice Tomlinson is a lawyer and has been involved in LGBT and HIV and AIDS activism in Jamaica and the Caribbean for over 12 years. He is […]

Global LGBT leaders urge western countries not to talk down to other governments on gay rights

Western nations have been asked not to “talk down” to governments in the rest of the world on the issue of gay rights. At a packed meeting hosted by the Kaleidoscope Trust at the House of Commons last night, leading figures from the LGBT movement in Africa, the Caribbean and Asia urged supporters of equal […]

Jamaican activist Maurice Tomlinson receives David Kato Vision & Voice Award tonight

Maurice Tomlinson

  This evening at a ceremony at the Roof Garden Hotel in Kensington, London, the gay Jamaican activist Maurice Tomlinson is receiving the David Kato Vision & Voice Award. David Kato, human rights, was murdered in his home in Kampala, Uganda on 26 January 2011. The award has been established in recognition of his life […]

Britain’s Cameron urged to back Obama in global campaign for gay and lesbian rights

The Kaleidoscope Trust yesterday called on David Cameron to back a new global initiative to combat human rights abuses against LGBT people launched by President Obama on Wednesday. The US government strategy to protect the rights of gay and lesbian people around the world and combat the criminalisation of homosexuality was set out in a […]

Minister confirms UK will redirect aid, not cut it, for human rights violations

The UK government has confirmed plans to redirect aid away from overseas governments who fail to recognise human rights, but has said it will still ensure aid reaches those in need. Some African states reacted angrily to Secretary of State for International Development Andrew Mitchell’s comments that aid would be redirected away from governments to […]

Churches defend prejudice as campaign to decriminalise homosexuality is launched

Alice Nkom, the human rights lawyer fighting the anti-gay laws in Cameroon

The Human Dignity Trust (HDT) has launched a global campaign in London today to decriminalise homosexuality in the 80-odd countries where consensual sexual activity between adults of the same gender is outlawed by embarking on a first test case in the courts of Belize. Forty two are Commonwealth countries which inherited their statutes as a […]

The intolerable silence of the Church of England closet

Bisi Alimi speaking at the launch of Kaleidoscope

‘My task is to bear witness to the truth. For this I was born; for this I came into the world, and all who are not deaf to truth listen to my voice.’ John 18:38 Yesterday evening I attended the reception hosted by John Berkow, Speaker of the House of Commons, to launch Kaleidoscope International […]