Time for the truth that sets us free

The Very Revd Jeffrey John, Dean of St Albans, has an article in today’s Church Times titled ‘Time to tell the truth about gays’. He says: “It is obvious that a number of bishops are gay, and some are or have been in gay relationships, yet they constantly refer to gay people as if they […]

Presenting ‘evidence’ to the House of Bishops’ Review Group on Thursday

I’m keenly anticipating Changing Attitude’s hour with the House of Bishops’ Review Group on Thursday to present our ‘evidence’, but with feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. I put ‘evidence’ in inverted commas because I’m not sure what the nature of Changing Attitude’s ‘evidence’ is. Well, I am sure in my heart, actually – it’s the […]

A healthy, loving global Anglican Communion for the twenty first century

(Readers might like to refer to Archbishop Eliud Wabukala’s keynote address to the FCA Leaders Conference) The Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans Leaders Conference is meeting from 23 to 27 April at St Mark’s Battersea Rise, South London. St Mark’s is the next parish to St Barnabas Clapham Common where the Revd David Page was the […]

Dr Glynn Harrison’s views on homosexuality and his membership of the Crown Nominations Commission


Last week a Guardian reporter phoned me to consult me about Dr Glynn Harrison’s membership of the Crown Nominations Commission (CNC), the body that will select the next Archbishop of Canterbury (and appoints other diocesan bishops). The Guardian was concerned about Glynn Harrison’s CNC place because of his beliefs about gay people. An article in […]

Time for Nigeria to return to the Anglican fold and learn to respect LGBTI people

The Most Revd Nicholas Okoh, Primate of all Nigeria, issued a statement yesterday about the resignation of the Archbishop of Canterbury. It is a bitter, hostile statement, blaming Dr Williams for all the problems endured by him and the Communion since 2003. Bishop Okoh, as he then was, accompanied Archbishop Peter Akinola to the Primates’ […]

Meeting with Bishop Julius Kalu of Mombasa


Michael Kimindu and I are now in Mombasa after a long and tiring bus journey from Nairobi. The plus side, Michael’s brother-in-law is the manager of the hotel, and very up-market beach front hotel. We are staying in an apartment free of charge, paying only for meals. It was bliss this morning after yesterday’s dust and […]

One of the most astonishing days of my life

It’s hard to describe what today has been like. It has cascaded from one amazing encounter to another. Four of us have just been driven back from Hippo Point on the shores of Lake Victoria by Milton, a taxi driver who seemed to appear from nowhere. We had already walked half-way back to town in […]

The work continues in Kisumu, Western Kenya

Participants in the workshop at the Cathedral in Kisumu

Yesterday Michael Kimindu and I travelled west the 8 hours by coach from Nairobi to Kisumu on the shore of Lake Victoria, closer to the border with Uganda. The journey took us across the Great Rift Valley, past roads leading to the Masai Mara Game Reserve. We continued through one of Kenya’s major tea-growing areas, […]

Further reflections on the meeting with Bishop Joseph of Machakos

There is a great divergence of opinion about homosexuality in the Church of Kenya. The Dean of Theology at one of the Nairobi universities sent a text to Michael saying: “In my view, timing, strategy, participants and fear need to be rethought. Several senior clergy including retired Archbishop David Gitari have gay friends and are […]

Frank Mugisha, leading gay activist, condemns Uganda Anti-Gay Bill

Colin Coward and Frank Mugisha at the Kaleidoscope event

Two weeks ago I met Frank Mugisha for the first time, although we had connected on Facebook from time to time. Frank is the director of Sexual Minorities Uganda. We met in the House of Commons at an event organised by Kaleidoscope when Frank spoke alongside Maurice Tomlinson from Jamaica and Pang Khee Teik from […]