Drama on Radio 5 Live Winchelsea interview with Gerry O’Brien and Bishop Stephen Lowe following David Page

An interview with Revd David Page was broadcast on the Stephen Nolan programme on Radio 5 Live on Sunday evening, at 11.45, 1 hour 45 minutes into the programme. Stephen Nolan quizzed David at length about his original interview with Bishop Wallace Benn, his involvement with the parish in Winchelsea, his attitude towards Church of […]

The shocking failure of Anglican Mainstream’s cure for homosexual ‘lepers’

A few weeks before Christmas 2011 Anglican Mainstream announced its intention to stage a conference in London on 27th January to be called: ‘The Lepers Among Us: Homosexuality and the Life of the Church’.  A number of us involved in Changing Attitude and the LGBT Anglican coalition were outraged by the implication that gay people […]

The root of the poison in our Church and Communion

The root of the problem affecting the Church of England in its conflicted views about homosexuality is the entrenched homophobia and prejudice held by a minority against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in our Church and Communion. The prejudice is poisoning our Church and infecting it at every level. It poisoned the Crown Nomination […]