When Andrew met Sally – a reply to Andrew Symes

In a fictional piece at Anglican Mainstream, Andrew Symes asks the rhetorical question “’Changing Attitudes’ – why not changing desires?” http://anglicanmainstream.org/changing-attitudes-why-not-changing-desires/ His story concerns Sally, a married Christian woman with a history of attraction to both men and women, who finds herself attracted to a woman at work: ‘something that she knew was adulterous, immoral […]

The Pilling Report Reviewed No 9: Trying to fill the theological gap

I’ve reached the final section of ‘Summarizing the Evidence’, Part 2 of the Pilling Report which is entitled Perspectives from two theologians We are told that the presentations to the working party by Father Timothy Radcliffe OP and Professor Oliver O’Donovan made a deep impression and the papers they wrote are quoted in this section. […]

Picking over the Pilling Report – No 4: Continuing conversations and current teaching

I hoped to be briefer in reviewing the last two sections of the Introduction to the Pilling Report, but there has been plenty to pick over here. The obligations of belonging to the Anglican Communion Having been encouraged, in the previous section, to listen to one another, and to engage in a facilitated conversation about […]

Latest news on the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill

The Bill has been carried over to the 2013-14 session. The Bill is due to have its report stage and third reading on 20 and 21 May 2013. The Government Bill was presented to Parliament on 24 January 2013. It completed its committee stage on 12 March 2013 and had its second reading debate on […]

Extending marriage to same-sex couples might be redemptive, says Charlotte Methuen

Charlotte Methuen, a member of the Faith and Order Commission of the Church of England, the body responsible for publishing the Man and Woman in Marriage document, has written an article Marriage: one man and one woman? for Our Kingdom, the open democracy web site. Charlotte is a lecturer in Ecclesiastical history at the University […]

Keeping us all in order

order chaos

men and women in marriage, a new report from the Church of England, which has just been published, is the work of the Church of England’s Faith and Order Commission (FAOC). The Commission was formed from two previously existing bodies: the Faith and Order Advisory Group, which dealt mainly with ecumenical relationships, and the Doctrine […]

What does the Christian alternative to same-sex marriage look like?

I travelled to Bath yesterday evening for a public debate on the Same Sex Marriage Bill organised by Don Foster, MP for Bath – who voted for the Bill in its second reading. The evening was chaired by Lynne Fernquest, Editor of the Bath Chronicle. Rev Kieren Bourne of the Living Springs Metropolitan Community Church […]

Look mum I’m on the telly!

Reality TV is all the rage at the moment. OK so it can be intrusive and voyeuristic. But it can also be information and educative, helping audiences to understand and appreciate other people. Preconceptions can be overturned by it, and prejudices broken down by the insights offered into the problems and struggles others might be […]

Sentamu’s and CEEC’s flawed responses to LGB&T Anglicans

The Rt Rev Richard Harries, patron of Changing Attitude, has a letter published in today’s Guardian responding to the Archbishop of York’s statement on Marriage and Civil Partnerships. Richard Harries says “… the great flaw in his argument is that he does not urge the church to bless such partnerships. This would do more than […]

Eve Was Not Adam’s Wife: A Response to Andrew Goddard’s Attack on Gay Marriage

In a recent article on the Fulcrum website, Andrew Goddard has written forcefully against the government’s proposals for equal civil marriage on the grounds that they will so fundamentally redefine the nature of marriage that the institution of the family, and the social stability that it engenders, will both be endangered. Unlike some high profile […]