Six Pastor Kayanja sodomy accusers convicted

Defendants in court

Buganda Road Court has convicted four Kampala pastors, a businesswoman and a musician for conspiring to tarnish Pastor Kayanja’s reputation. Pastor Kayanja, heads Lubaga Miracle Centre, in Kampala. His accusers claimed that he sodomised several youths at his church. Pastors Solomon Male, Martin Ssempa, Michael Kyazze and Robert Kaira, together with Ms Deborah Anita Kyomuhendo, […]

Ugandan magistrate rejects fresh demands from anti-gay clergymen

A magistrate has rejected calls by four homophobic clergymen associated with Uganda’s Anti Homosexuality Bill for a retrial in a criminal case concerning a smear campaign against a fellow preacher. The accused are alleged to have “conspired to cause injury to Kayanja’s personality and reputation” by claiming he sodomised boys at his church. The four […]

Homophobic Ugandan clergymen’s case returns to court today

The criminal case facing four prominent homophobic clergymen in Uganda resumes today (Monday, May 21) in Kampala and the accused are expected to start defending themselves. The case was postponed after multiple queries from lawyers representing the four anti-gay Christian preachers in a landmark homophobic smear case brought by rival pastor, Robert Kayanja, over claims […]

Ugandan defence lawyers raise queries to stall case against four homophobic preachers

The start of the defence case against four homophobic Christian preachers in Uganda failed to take off on Wednesday 4 April in Kampala after queries from lawyers stalled proceedings. The lawyers are representing the four anti-gay pastors in a landmark homophobic smear case brought by rival pastor, Robert Kayanja, over claims that he sodomised members […]

Uganda: homophobic preachers back in court on Wednesday 4 April

Rev Kayanja during a previous court appearance

Ugandan police have cleared the Kampala trial magistrate in the landmark homophobic smear case against four prominent Christian preachers, of claims that he was compromised by the claimant, Pastor Robert Kayanja. The New Vision reported that a police report cleared Magistrate John Patrick Wekesa of any wrongdoing. Wekesa has been trying a case involving pastors […]

Magistrate in Uganda homophobic smear case accuses lawyer of dirty tricks campaign

Sempa (facing down) and Kyazze during a court appearance in 2011

The trial magistrate in Uganda’s on-going landmark homophobic smear case against three anti-gay pastors has accused the lead defence lawyer of a dirty tricks campaign. Magistrate John Wekesa said the lawyer, Edward Sekabanja, had orchestrated a bribery smear campaign against him in the media and meanwhile sanctioned “false affidavits” to accuse the magistrate of having […]