Equal marriage, creation, evolution and the new paradigm

We, individual human beings, on different continents, in different cultures and in various communities of faith, are living with dramatically different paradigms, worldviews and attitudes towards the fundamentals of human life and behaviour. Religious and secular values look to be irreconcilable between so many parts of the human global community – Israel and Palestine, Islam […]

Creation or Evolution?

I woke feeling excited this morning. I sat at 06.15 gazing through my east-facing window at a sensational sunrise, the sky ripped open to reveal azure blue through the ruptured clouds, as I ate muesli and drank leaf Darjeeling tea. The sunrise enhanced my excitement. I know from the various conversations I had yesterday, with […]

New Year’s Eve 2012 and dreams for 2013

I decided it would be a good idea to use the post-Christmas Day period to reflect on the year that’s ending and look ahead to what 2013 may bring and what Changing Attitude might like to bring to 2013. I have ideas that seem obvious when I rehearse them walking across Salisbury Plain but much […]

The Church of England’s Autumn Revolution

It is nearly two years ago since the first manifestation of the Arab Spring was marked by demonstrations following a self-immolation in Tunisia on 18 December 2010. A revolutionary wave of demonstrations, protests, civil uprisings and wars erupted across the Arab world. I speculated with friends as to whether or when a similar revolution might […]

The Faith once delivered to the Fathers

On Tuesday, angry protests erupted across India following the arrest of Anna Hazare, an anti-corruption campaigner who was due to begin an indefinite hunger strike in protest against corruption. The Indian protests add another continent to the outbreak of democratic outrage which began in Egypt and extended to an Arab spring of people demanding and […]

Death with the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill and GAFCON, and freedom for the rest of us

Ugandan MP David Bahati

I’ve been following with some anxiety the progress of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda and the news published yesterday about GAFCON’s future plans. The Uganda Bill first, and to simplify by focussing on one detail – MP David Bahati, sponsor of the Bill has been saying for some time that the death penalty will be […]