What can we hope for from the Pilling Review Group?

Yesterday I published what Changing Attitude understands to be marriage law as it applies to the Church of England. With the help of a member of the Church House legal team I learnt things that as a priest and registrar, I should really have known already but didn’t. As the government prepares to publish the equal […]

Changing Anglican Communion attitudes towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people is more important than the Covenant

Thanks to the 23 diocesan synods which have voted against the Anglican Covenant, it cannot now return to General Synod for adoption in this quinquennium. The Covenant was developed as a solution to the crisis that erupted in 2003 following the election of Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire. But the origins of the problems […]

NEWS EXTRA – Osborne Report published – 22 years late! And it’s good!!!!

The Church Times has today published the Osborne Report, a report for the House of Bishops on homosexuality, written in 1989 but never published. The working party which produced the report was set up in 1986. It’s work was somewhat subverted by the very conservative Higton motion passed by General Synod in 1987. The House […]