Diocese of Lincoln – Ad Clerum about the Pastoral Statement

The Bishop of Lincoln has issued an Ad Clerum following the House of Bishops meeting and the letter and pastoral statement issued on Saturday. Ad Clerum The House of Bishops met last week to discuss the implications for the Church of the forthcoming change of legislation which will next month allow same-sex marriage. After its […]

Bishop of Blackburn acts on House of Bishops’ Pastoral Statement

The Bishop of Blackburn, the Rt Revd Julian Henderson, who has a reputation as one of the most conservative of the evangelicals in the House, is already taking action against gay clergy in his diocese. In the light of the Bishops’ Pastoral Statement he has asked to meet the four clergy in the diocese who […]

Why did the HoB take a decision about the eligibility of clergy in CPs becoming bishops?

I’ve received emails from both the Bishop of Sodor and Man and from William Fittall and I’m grateful to both of them for replying. They help to complete parts of the picture but still leave questions unanswered. Robert Paterson says he would have no hesitation about making the document produced by his working party public, […]

Majority of bishops conform with requirements of 2005 HoB pastoral statement on Civil Partnerships

I’m happy to admit that I’m doing a total volte-face. Changing Attitude has been challenged by various people to confirm whether or not we can prove that a majority of bishops currently license partnered lesbian and gay clergy in disregard of the 2005 House of Bishops’ Pastoral Statement. The relevant section of the Pastoral Statement […]

CA writes to every bishop asking for honesty and courage

Press Release Changing Attitude England has written to every Church of England bishop asking them to speak honestly about the place of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGB&T) Anglicans in the Church and acknowledge truthfully how they treat LGB&T people in their dioceses.  Changing Attitude knows from the evidence of conversations with bishops and from […]

Group to advise House of Bishops on 2005 Pastoral Statement announced

01 December 2011 The House of Bishops has announced the membership of a Group established to advise it on reviewing its Pastoral Statement issued prior to the introduction of civil partnerships in December 2005. The Group will be chaired by the Bishop of Sodor and Man, the Rt Rev Robert Paterson. The other two members […]

Civil partnerships and same-sex relationships – a statement by the House of Bishops of the Church of England

Civil partnerships and same-sex relationships – a statement by the House of Bishops of the Church of England The House of Bishops today issued a statement about the continuing debate within the Church of England about same-sex relationships. Speaking on behalf of the House, the Bishop of Norwich, the Rt Revd Graham James, said: “Contrary […]