Rally for marriage equality Monday 3 June

Come out for love and equality 5.30pm until late – rally by the statue of George V in Old Palace Yard, London SW1, diagonally opposite the main entrance to the House of Commons. Bring rainbow flags and placards. Peter Tatchell is part of the group organizing a rally for equal marriage supported by a broad […]

LGB&T Anglican Coalition meeting with Archbishop Justin Welby

Six members of the LGB&T Anglican Coalition are meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace tomorrow, Thursday. I’m representing Changing Attitude. The other five, representing with me all 8 member groups of the Coalition are Tina Beardsley, Mike Dark, Jeremy Marks, Savi Hensman and Clare Herbert. The goal of the meeting, agreed between […]

Archbishop of Canterbury offers to meet Peter Tatchell

The Times reports today that Archbishop Justin Welby has responded to Peter Tatchell’s open letter published yesterday and has offered to meet him. Archbishop Welby sent an email in which he thanked him for his “very thoughful” letter, saying he would like to discuss it “without the mediation of the press” and offering to discuss […]

The fantasies and dangers of all ex-gay, ‘we can heal you’ ministries

Anglican Mainstream, Christian Concern and Core Issues Trust are promoting a debate tomorrow morning in the Houses of Parliament on the legitimacy and freedom to offer therapy for those with unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction. They are promoting a false therapy based on the discredited theories of psychologist Irving Bieber from the 1960s, taken up […]

Time for the Church of England to affirm, welcome, celebrate and bless same-sex relationships

The leader in the Church Times yesterday concluded by saying, “In the mean time, there are the twin concerns of public perception and mission. A greater enthusiasm for the blessing of same-sex partnerships in church would be one effective way of countering the negative impression given this week.” The blessing of same-sex partnerships is the […]

Peter Tatchell preaches Equal Marriage in Brighton, Anglican MP Roger Gale stoops to scare-mongering

Changing Attitude Sussex recently organised a meeting at which Peter Tatchell was the keynote speaker. His talk on Equal Marriage was electrifying. Over 150 people turned up to hear him and to judge by the sustained and thunderous applause he received, if there were any opponents of gay marriage there, he won them over.  I […]

Retired Archbishop Lord Carey launches campaign against same-sex marriage

Coalition for Marriage has today launched a petition in support of “the legal definition of marriage which is the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others. I oppose any attempt to redefine it.” In a recent Daily Mail article, Lord Carey claimed the proposal to change the status […]

Time to challenge the powers that be and transform the culture of the House of Bishops

I’ve spent Saturday at the Convent of the Holy Name in Derby at a meeting of Changing Attitude trustees where we spent much of the time discussing our campaign to persuade the Church of England to allow civil partnerships in church. The trustees are committed to a campaign to persuade General Synod (the only body […]

Minister confirms UK will redirect aid, not cut it, for human rights violations

The UK government has confirmed plans to redirect aid away from overseas governments who fail to recognise human rights, but has said it will still ensure aid reaches those in need. Some African states reacted angrily to Secretary of State for International Development Andrew Mitchell’s comments that aid would be redirected away from governments to […]

Equality in the Church of England (and the Anglican Communion)

On Monday and Tuesday I attended meetings in London and Melksham which addressed the Equality Act and the Government’s Consultation on Civil Partnerships in religious buildings. The Archbishop of Canterbury has already stated that the Church of England will not give permission for Civil Partnerships in church buildings. Changing Attitude does not accept this and […]