Resources for the Shared Conversations

Dr Chris Cook, Professor of Spirituality, Theology and Health at Durham University, has written an article about the Pilling report and scientific evidence, published in the Church Times last Friday. Chris is a practical theologian and a scientist. He is critical of the report for not evaluating the scientific evidence with sufficient rigour and asks […]

Bishop of Gloucester addresses the Church’s attitude to gay and lesbian people

At the May meeting of Gloucester Diocesan Synod, The Bishop of Gloucester, the Right Revd Michael Perham, addressed the Church of England’s attitude to homosexual people. In his presidential sermon he reflected on the House of Bishops’ Statement in January on Same-sex Marriage and on the Pilling Report, the report of the Working Party on […]

Bishop’s address to Bath & Wells Diocesan Synod

Peter Maurice, the Bishop of Taunton, spoke about learning to live with difference and change when he addressed the recent diocesan synod meeting. Here is an excerpt: And then there are what some might refer to as the more internal debates within the life of the church which highlight a church living with change and […]

The Bishop of Oxford’s Presidential address about equal marriage and the Pilling Report

“I’m sorry the House of Bishops statement was clumsy and hurtful” said Bishop John Pritchard to the diocesan synod on 22 March 2014 When I say I’m bored with sex I hope you won’t misunderstand me. But in another part of the forest, wearing my lead bishop on education hat, I’m being deluged at present […]

LGBTI Anglican Coalition members to discuss facilitated conversations at Lambeth Palace

Six members of the LGBTI Anglican Coalition who represent the spectrum of sexual and gender identities of the Coalition member organizations are attending a meeting at Lambeth Palace this afternoon to talk about the facilitated conversations. The conversations are a core element of the recommendations made in the ‘Pilling Report’ of the House of Bishops […]

The College of Bishops Statement – mass conversion needed

The author James Baldwin was born in Harlem in 1924. Baldwin was black and gay, creative and self-reflective. In a chapter about him in Love in a Dark Time Colm Toibin writes that Baldwin tried to do something more truthful and difficult than presenting himself as innocent and others as guilty. He sought to show […]

College of Bishops meet as LGB&T Nigerian Anglicans live in fear

Today the College of Bishops of the Church of England meets to discuss the Pilling Report. Among those discussing the Report are a number of gay bishops who are unwilling or unable to reveal their sexuality for fear of – well, fear of what? Reprisals? Shame? Rebukes from conservatives? I lived much of my life […]

The Pilling Report: A Detailed Analysis by Christina Beardsley, for Changing Attitude, England

The Pilling Report: A Detailed Analysis by Christina Beardsley, for Changing Attitude, England 1.       Talking about same sex relationships in isolation The Report of the House of Bishops Working Group on Human Sexuality, chaired by Sir Joseph Pilling, was published on November 28th 2013. This paper analyses and critiques each section of the Report […]

The Pilling Report Reviewed – No 13: The Dissenter

The final section of Part 3 of the Pilling Report, ‘Reflecting on the Evidence’ – though not of the Report – is A Dissenting Statement by the Bishop of Birkenhead The Pilling Report was intended to address the situation of a sexual minority within the Church of England and society. The voices of this minority […]

The Pilling Report Reviewed – No 12: Process & Practice

The next section of Part 3 of the Pilling Report is called A process for listening to each other and outlines what the working party believes (paragraph 352) is ‘the way forward for the Church’: ‘an intentional process of attentive listening between Christians whose understandings of Scripture and God’s calling for the Church and the […]