CofE has the audacity to issue a briefing note to MPs on Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill

The Church of England’s Parliamentary Office has published a briefing note to MPs on the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill prior to the Second Reading debate in the House of Commons on February 5. I might call it a revisionist document because it makes statements that are substantively different from anything the Church of England […]

Ten and a half months to go before Pilling reports

One question is dominating 2013 for Changing Attitude England – what will Sir Joseph Pilling’s review group recommend in their report to the House of Bishops’ meeting in December and what decisions will the House of Bishops then announce. There are now ten and a half months before they need to resolve their differences and […]

What can we hope for from the Pilling Review Group?

Yesterday I published what Changing Attitude understands to be marriage law as it applies to the Church of England. With the help of a member of the Church House legal team I learnt things that as a priest and registrar, I should really have known already but didn’t. As the government prepares to publish the equal […]

November Revolution – Parliament asks the Church to resolve the women bishops debacle in a Kingdom direction

Changing Attitude is, of course, following with intense interest the continuing fall-out over the House of Laity’s failure to gain the required two-thirds majority in Synod. We follow with interest for three key reasons. The first and most important is that Changing Attitude is committed 100% to the full inclusion of women in the Church […]

The deeper (mis)understandings which divide us

Many people have been busy investigating and analysing the reasons which led to the defeat of the women in the episcopate measure last week. The two conservative blocks represented by Reform and Forward in Faith provide the bedrock of opposition to the measure. They were supported by people who voted according to personal conscience or […]

Equal marriage could be approved in the New Year

Changing Attitude understands that following the consultation process, the Government’s proposals for equal marriage will be published in 7 to 10 days time. The Government received 228,000 responses to its consultation on equal marriage – more than any other issue under the Coalition. The Daily Mail, Telegraph and Guardian are now reporting that plans to […]

God is an equality Creator

The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love. Galatians 5.6 The vote in the House of Laity which defeated the women in the episcopate legislation on Tuesday has created an eruption which will now ensure more rapid movement in the Church of England towards equality for lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual people […]

Reform and Forward in Faith achieve unexpected success

Members of General Synod and of WATCH were still angry this morning about yesterday’s vote. The motion was lost by 6 votes in the House of Laity whereas overall 74% of Synod members voted in favour and 42 of the 44 dioceses had voted in favour. Much spinning of percentages and research evidence took place […]

Overcoming systemic abuse and inequality with healthy, holy, creative Christian patterns and values

Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham, has asked a “systemic question” on Facebook this morning in the context of the news that Peter Ball, former bishop of Lewes and Gloucester, has been arrested on suspicion of child abuse. Bishop Alan wonders what contribution Reactionary Sexist Culture and Inequality expressing itself in a hierarchy that took itself […]

We are created to be transformed, to grow into Christ, our Source and our Destiny

“It is always tragic to define one’s self in a rigid way that limits further becoming. And an inordinate attachment to beliefs certainly qualifies as such a limiting self-definition.” I’ve already flagged up that I’m reading Spirituality and the Awakening Self by David G Benner. Benner has helped me take another step in understanding why […]