Changing Attitude in 2013 – a life-giving vision

Retired Archbishop Rowan Williams – what a strange thought. Rowan, tutor from my Westcott days, was an easy friend before being appointed to Canterbury. My friendship with him wasn’t the only one to be changed following his elevation. I hope coming back down to earth restores the previously relaxed informality of friendship. In his New […]

Permanent, Faithful, Stable – it’s about God and Love

When the Guardian published Jeffrey John’s article marking the issue of a new edition of Permanent, Faithful, Stable two weeks ago, it edited out the God-stuff with which Jeffrey begins his new Preface to the book. Jeffrey writes: “Most human beings, heterosexual or homosexual, know instinctively that a framework of secure, lasting, covenanted commitment maximizes […]

Permanent, Faithful, Stable republished with new foreword by Jeffrey John – and bishops asked about civil partnerships

Tomorrow evening I’m attending the launch of the revised edition of Permanent, Stable, Faithful in St Alban’s Cathedral. The new edition is subtitled: Christian same-sex marriage. Jeffrey has written a new Preface and Postscript and Mark Oakley, Canon of St Paul’s Cathedral, has written a new Foreword. Jeffrey has abridged the new Preface for an […]

Archbishop of Canterbury lectures on human rights and religious faith to WCC

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, delivered a lecture yesterday on human rights and religious faith at the World Council of Churches Ecumenical Centre in Geneva. In the lecture, Dr Williams said laws against sexual minorities were equivalent to racism, and warned that legal regulation of consensual sexual conduct “can be both unworkable and […]

A more accurate version of the Jeffrey John story?

On Thinking Anglicans, Martin Reynolds has posted an alternative scenario for the Jeffrey John story which the Mail on Sunday and Sunday Times reported. Martin speculates about when it happened, how the story arrived in the public domain and who might have released news about the exchange of correspondence. Martin thinks it wasn’t made public […]

Rowan’s presidential address

Members of Changing Attitude were in the Synod chamber to hear Archbishop Rowan’s presidential address this morning. We have been sitting drinking coffee and discussing our reaction to it for the past 2 hours. Rowan’s mantra was that we have to be passionate about the God who has not abandoned us and does not abandon […]

Evangelical Groups campaign against Dr Williams’ appointment as Archbishop of Canterbury

The campaign by conservative evangelical groups in the Anglican Church against the appointment of Dr Rowan Williams as the Archbishop-designate of Canterbury began in August when a letter from Dr Williams, written to his fellow Primates on the day that his appointment to Canterbury was announced, was leaked. On 6 August, the diocese of Sydney […]