AMSHeR outraged at the shutting down of a human rights workshop in Uganda

The African Men for Sexual Health and Rights [AMSHeR] strongly condemns the unlawful shutting down of a human rights workshop in Kampala on Monday, 18 June 2012 by the police under the auspices of Uganda’s Ethics and Integrity Minister, Simon Lokodo. The training workshop, organized by the Kampala-based East and Horn of Africa Human Rights […]

Ugandan police raid LGBTI activists workshop in Kampala

Fr. Simon Lokodo, the Minister for Ethics and Integrity

  Police arrested a group of sexual minority activists who had gathered at Essela Hotel in Najjeera, a Kampala suburb, on Monday 18 June. The police accused the suspects of propagating gay issues in Uganda. The skills-building workshop for LGBTI rights activists at Esella Country Hotel outside Kampala, was abruptly closed after Uganda police raided […]

Ugandan gay activists applaud passing of East African HIV Bill

Ugandan gay activists have welcomed the passing of the East African Community HIV and Aids Prevention and Management Bill 2010 by East Africa’s regional parliament, the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA). Sex work activists have also lauded the bill which was recently passed by EALA during a sitting in Nairobi. Both sets of activists said […]

Uganda’s gays see public opinion gains

Four years ago Frank Mugisha begged his colleagues to join him for his first demonstration in support of gay rights in Uganda. Only four came along. This week, during a march against gender-based violence led by the gay advocacy group Sexual Minorities Uganda, the Ugandan activist saw more than 30 colleagues walk the streets of […]

Towards a progressive culture in South Africa

In the last few weeks South African representatives have launched an extraordinary human rights offensive at the United Nations, within the context of a growing global debate about the rights of sexual minorities. European, North American and Latin American states are moving increasingly towards guaranteeing full rights — including same-sex marriage — for sexual minorities […]

Decriminalising sexual orientation: Three African states compared

Frederick Cowell compares Mozambique’s, Ghana’s and São Tomé’s laws on homosexuality; and gives suggestions for decriminalisation. At the beginning of 2011, 36 states in Africa criminalised sexual orientation, with penalties ranging from fines in Algeria and Kenya, to the death penalty in Sudan and Nigeria. The ‘criminalisation of sexual orientation’ is a blanket term that […]

Ugandans act on East African Parliament’s proposed ‘gay-friendly’ HIV Bill

Kikonyogo Kivumbi reports on Behind the Mask: Gay rights activists in Uganda have started consultations with HIV/Aids and human rights organisations about the proposed East African Community HIV and Aids Prevention and Management Bill, 2010. The activists have been spurred by the fact that the East African Community Council (EAC) of Legal and Judicial Affairs […]

Rwanda leads East Africa on the Progress of LGBTI Human Rights

Rwanda is leading the progress on human rights for LGBTI persons in East Africa. Last year Rwanda eliminated the criminalisation provision from its draft code and recently signed two UN resolutions on sexual orientation and gender identity, only one of six African nations to do it. Dr Aflodis Kagaba is the executive director of Health […]

Rwandan threat to criminalise homosexuality not enacted

In December 2009, the lower House of the Rwandan Parliament was set to vote upon a revised Penal Code, Article 217 of which would have made homosexuality a criminal offence for the first time in the East African nation. The proposed Article 217 would have criminalised “[a]ny person who practices, encourages or sensitises people of […]

Bishop Michael Ingham appoints new priests to renegade parishes

The Bishop of New Westminster, Rt Rev Michael Ingham, has appointed new wardens and clergy for the congregations of St Simon’s Deep Cover, and Christ the Redeemer, Pender Harbour. Last June, the bishop warned the two priests that he would take control after the Rectors of both parishes had left the diocese and accepted the […]