Nigeria Senate passes law banning gay marriage and gay rights groups

Nigeria’s Senate in Abuja unanimously adopted a harmonized final version of the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill of the House of Representatives and Senate on Wednesday 18 December. The bill makes it illegal to register gay clubs or organizations, “promote gay marriage or behavior,” “witness or aid gay marriage” and criminalizes the “public show of same-sex […]

Nigerian Embassy in Berlin tries to defend the indefensible

Behind the Mask reports that the Nigerian Embassy in Germany responded to the international reaction to the passage of the same sex marriage prohibition by the Nigerian Senate with a statement on its website defending the Nigerian senate’s vote on the issue. The statement said, “The debate on this issue, within and outside Nigeria, becomes an […]

Retired Archbishop Peter Akinola urges support for Nigerian anti-gay marriage bill

Archbishop Peter Akinola, the retired Primate of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), has endorsed the anti-same gender marriage bill which would impose criminal penalties on same-sex unions and LGBT organisations and gatherings. Joseph Okoghenum writes in the Nigeria Guardian: In what seems to be mounting support for the passage of anti-Same-Sex Marriage Bill by […]

Nigeria’s Anti-gay Marriage Bill will ultimately be counter-productive

Allafrica reports that the Anti same gender marriage bill 2011 was introduced into Nigeria’s House of Representatives on Wednesday following the Senate vote the previous week. No debate took place during the introduction of the bill and a date has not yet been set for it. The house has to vote in favour of the […]

A gay Nigerian speaks about the anti same gender marriage bill

Last Wednesday, This Day Live had an online chat with Rashidi Williams, the Executive Director of Queer Alliance Nigeria, a non-governmental organisation that promotes the well-being of, and advocates for the rights of sexual minorities in Nigeria. You have been advocating for the rights of persons with unique sexual orientation in a country that is […]

LGBT Nigerians: “We Are Not Illegal”

To President Goodluck Jonathan, My name is Ifeanyi Orazulike, and I am not illegal. As a Nigerian citizen, and a public health advocate, I call upon you to stop the draconian, anti-human rights, anti- HIV/AIDS prevention and un-democratic legislation just passed by the national Senate. If this bill is approved Nigeria will place itself outside […]

UK Diplomat and Amnesty International react to Nigerian bill

UK Diplomat says Nigerian gay punishment will not be condoned The British High Commissioner to Nigeria in Dutse, Jigawa state, has said that western countries will not tolerate Nigeria punishing gay people because of their sexual orientation. “It is wrong to punish people for mere expression of their relationships or for choosing to become what […]

Nigerian Senate votes for draconian anti-gay law to ban same-sex marriage

The Nigerian Senate voted on Tuesday 29 November to criminalise same-sex marriages and civil unions, with penalties of up to 14 years jail for participants and 10 years jail for anyone who helps or witnesses such a marriage or union. The bill also says that same-sex marriages contracted in foreign country shall be void in […]

Coalition for the Defence of Sexual Rights in Nigeria Open letter to the Senate President and the Senate on the conduct of the Public Hearing on the Same Gender Marriage Prohibition Bill 2011

Abuja, October 4th 2011 Sen. David Mark [GCON] President of the Senate National Assembly Complex Three Arms Zone Abuja, Nigeria Honourable David Mark, We, the Members of the Coalition for the Defence of Sexual Rights (CDSR), human rights activist and other Civil Society Organizations working in the areas of human rights protection and social justice, […]

Reports that Nigerian Same Gender Marriage Prohibition Bill 2011 will be voted today

Yesterday evening, Uche Sam, Director of Changing Attitude Nigeria, alerted me that the Same Gender Marriage Prohibition Bill is to be voted on today. This morning, Davis Mac-Iyalla reported the same news. A report from Nigeria posted later said the bill was submitted to the senate yesterday after review by the committee but there has […]