St Paul proclaims the experience of LGBTI Christians

I am writing a book. It’s about my experience of faith and the experience of Changing Attitude England. It’s about the experience of God’s infinite, unconditional love for creation and humankind revealed in the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. It is about personal experience, intellectual and emotional. It is rooted in Scripture. And as […]

Does Jesus really love me?

  I’ve just finished reading this book by Jeff Chu, subtitled ‘A gay Christian’s pilgrimage in search of God in America’. In his search to answer his question Jeff set out on a journey across America to meet a whole range of people and visit churches from MCC LA to Westboro Baptist. Thanks to his […]

The Pilling Report Reviewed – No 8: The Bible, Sex & Love

I am nearing the end of Part 2 of the Pilling Report, which has the general title ‘Summarizing the Evidence’, and the penultimate section is headed Arguments about Scripture At eight pages it is relatively short. Frustratingly, like much that precedes it in Part 2, it is hard to see why the contents have been […]