Clergy and Civil Partnerships and Choosing Bishops – more chinks of light

Andrew Goddard has published an analysis of the known and the unknown in an article on the Anglican Communion Institute website titled Bishops and Civil Partnerships II: Still More Questions Than Answers. Andrew is good at researching the events and analysing what may have been the factors which led to the disastrous news story which erupted […]

The Bishop of Buckingham records an Out4Marriage video

The Bishop of Buckingham, Alan Wilson, has recorded a video for the Out4Marriage campaign, released yesterday. The Evening Standard carried a report yesterday, saying that the “married father of five, caused a row in the Church” by urging leaders to “get our head around blessing gay people’s relationships”. In the section of the video reported […]

Wallace Benn and Winchelsea – there are more questions to answer

Bishop Wallace Benn may have unwittingly started a process which will lead to the dismantling of the Church of England’s policy towards LGB&T people. Last week the Diocesan legal officer issued formal notification to David Page and Fr Howard Cocks that a complaint has been laid against them by the Archdeacon under the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003. […]

Bishop admits to knowing many gay clergy live in partnerships

I took part in an interview about civil partnerships in church on the BBC R4 Sunday programme this morning with the Rt Revd John Goddard, Bishop of Burnley, Diocese of Blackburn (35 mins 35 secs into the programme). Yesterday, the trustees of Changing Attitude talked from personal experience about the invisibility of LGB&T clergy, whether […]

Time to challenge the powers that be and transform the culture of the House of Bishops

I’ve spent Saturday at the Convent of the Holy Name in Derby at a meeting of Changing Attitude trustees where we spent much of the time discussing our campaign to persuade the Church of England to allow civil partnerships in church. The trustees are committed to a campaign to persuade General Synod (the only body […]

Church House mole identifies prejudice in appointment of new Director of Communications

William Fittall, secretary general of the General Synod

Church House has been infiltrated by a variety of small mammals. To date we have identified a mouse, a mole and a ferret. Changing Attitude tries to maintain an open and unprejudiced stance towards the various pseudonym Church House mammals, but we have to say (well, I Colin Coward say) that the ferret seems to […]