Daily Telegraph report on same-sex services in the Church of England

The Daily Telegraph has a broadly accurate report about same-sex blessings in the Church of England in today’s paper, with a totally inaccurate headline. The article quotes the Rev Colin Coward, director of Changing Attitude, as saying: “There are people who will do a blessing in a church, I don’t think that’s a problem. It […]

House of Deputies approves rite for blessing gay unions at Episcopal Church General Convention

General Convention meeting in Indianapolis gave its final approval on Tuesday 10 July to Resolution A049, which authorizes provisional use of the rite “The Witnessing and Blessing of a Lifelong Covenant”. The resolution passed with 78 percent approval in the lay order and 76 percent in the clergy order. The motion in the House of […]

Bless civil partnerships in church petition signed by over 1,300 people

The Changing Attitude petition to the House of Bishops and General Synod asking the Church to allow the growing number of clergy who want to bless civil partnerships in church the freedom to do so has now been signed by over 1,300 people. The petition asks General Synod to allow churches wishing to register civil […]

Church of England spokesperson abuses authority of General Synod to determine civil partnerships in church

In her Guardian report about the government announcement that places of worship can host civil partnership ceremonies from next month, Riazat Butt says the Church of England has warned its clergy not to register same-sex relationships. A spokesman said: “We will study the draft regulations as a matter of urgency to check they deliver the firm assurances […]