The Pilling Report: A Detailed Analysis by Christina Beardsley, for Changing Attitude, England

The Pilling Report: A Detailed Analysis by Christina Beardsley, for Changing Attitude, England 1.       Talking about same sex relationships in isolation The Report of the House of Bishops Working Group on Human Sexuality, chaired by Sir Joseph Pilling, was published on November 28th 2013. This paper analyses and critiques each section of the Report […]

Prejudice in the Church and why gay clergy tolerate hypocrisy

Yesterday I wrote about some of the parallels between the experience of women and LGB&T people in the Church of England having read Maggi Dawn’s recently published book Like the Wideness of the Sea: Women bishops and the Church of England. Maggi identifies flourishing as a quality obviously desired by God for humankind. It is […]

Christian group thrilled with parliamentary vote

Christians for Equal Marriage UK Providing a voice for Christians who support the right of all people, irrespective of sexuality, to marry News Release – 6th February 2013 Christian group thrilled with parliamentary vote Christians for Equal Marriage UK are thrilled that Parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favour of same sex marriage, a vote which […]

The Sacred Journey of Transformation

Changing Attitude is campaigning for a change of attitude in the Church of England towards the place of LGB&T people. We are campaigning for a transformation of attitudes, way beyond grudging acceptance to a celebration of the gifts of all, LGB&T people integrated with the whole body of Christ, women and men, equal in ministry […]

Presenting ‘evidence’ to the House of Bishops’ Review Group on Thursday

I’m keenly anticipating Changing Attitude’s hour with the House of Bishops’ Review Group on Thursday to present our ‘evidence’, but with feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. I put ‘evidence’ in inverted commas because I’m not sure what the nature of Changing Attitude’s ‘evidence’ is. Well, I am sure in my heart, actually – it’s the […]

The Church of England – still nowhere near honest to God

Honest to God

Reading Diarmaid MacCulloch’s History of Christianity and reaching the C20th, I’ve been driven today to search for my copy of Honest to God, third impression, March 1963 – it was a best seller, reprinted twice in a month! What has happened to the inspirational wisdom of Bishop John Robinson? He wasn’t saying anything new that […]

Bishop John McIntyre of Gippsland, Australia addresses gay and lesbian issues

Bishop John McIntyre

Two excerpts from Bishop John McIntyre’s  annual presidential address to the 2012 Synod meeting of the Diocese of Gippsland, Australia On same-sex attraction: “In the life of our diocese, we rather belatedly committed to a listening process to hear the stories of gay and lesbian people, and to reflect on how seriously we take the commendation […]

Church of Ireland General Synod debate on sexuality – Contributors and voting

A review of speeches to synod The Church of Ireland web site carries a report on Saturday’s debate and voting. Prior to discussion by synod members, and in accord with the standing orders, the four amendments to the motion were placed before synod. Copies were provided to synod members and the proposers and seconders of […]

Church of Ireland anti-gay motion tabled for General Synod on Thursday

Resolution 8A – it’s Anti-Gay Legitimises witch-hunts against gay clergy Can be used to exclude gay people from Communion Demeans the relationships of remarried divorcees At General Synod this week, the Archbishop of Dublin and Bishop of Down & Dromore are tabling a series of motions on human sexuality. These motions (posted further down) were […]

Opinion: I refuse your label – a human rights activist is a SOGI activist

Joseph Sewedo Akoro is Behind the Mask’s Arcus correspondent in Lagos, Nigeria Human Rights advocacy in Africa can be a challenging task for anyone to engage in. My six years experience, from the age 18, has brought me closer to the reality of advocacy than the ideals. During my initiation in the human rights advocacy […]