Sierra Leonean clergyman speaks in favour of LGBT people

Bishop John Yambasu of Sierra Leone addresses a gathering of United Methodist students

A Sierra Leonean Methodist clergyman, Bishop John Yambasu on Sunday evening made a pro-LGBTI speech while on a visit to the US saying that sexual orientation is one of many identities that tie people together. He stated that people relate better to those who share the same sexual orientation. He also stressed the difficulty to […]

Homophobic protestors stage demos in Sierra Leonean capital

A group of Muslims held the third anti-gay protest of recent weeks in the Lumley district of Freetown, Sierra Leone last Friday, saying they were committed to combating the promotion of LGBT rights. The group, which so far remains unnamed, staged its first protest on Friday December 30, 2011 in the east of Freetown, and […]

Nigerian human rights group channels aid to Sierra Leonean LGBT activists

LGBT Rights activists in Sierra Leone have received aid from an LGBT human rights defender fund coordinated by the Nigeria human rights organization, The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERs). In November 2011, George Freeman, the leader of WhyCantWeGetMarried.Com, an LGBT human rights group in Sierra Leone, reported a homophobic occurrence that members of the group […]

US-based NGO organizes workshop on LGBTI human rights advocacy in Sierra Leone

A US-based human rights NGO, Global Rights this week organized a two-day “training of trainers” workshop in Freetown, Sierra Leone to run from January 19 to 20. Twenty-two individuals representing human rights organizations from the four regions of the country attended the workshop. The training was titled: “Defending LGBTI Rights in Sierra Leone- Sierra Leone […]

Anti-homosexual protestors hit Sierra Leone streets

Demonstrators in Freetown on 30 January 2011

Freetown was the scene of a big anti-gay rights protest on Friday organised to “ward-off” the possibility of recognising same sex marriages in the country. Close to 1,000 protesters thronged the streets at the east end of Freetown attracting scores of onlookers on the process who cheered them on. The post Friday prayer demonstration was […]

Sierra Leone LGBTI activists suffer after radio appearance

George Freeman on Good Morning Sierra Leone

The appearance of an LGBT activist on radio in Sierra Leone has led to a nasty, threatening, homophobic backlash. WhyCantWeGetMarried.Com West Africa Regional Director, George Reginald Freeman was invited for a radio discussion program on Tuesday November 8 2011, at Radio Democracy FM 98.1, Freetown, Sierra Leone at 7:30 a.m. on the program titled “Good […]