The Solace of Fierce Landscapes

As the trustees of Changing Attitude England know and as will be obvious to many members of Changing Attitude’s Facebook group, as I near retirement as Director of CA England, I am not heading into “retirement” but being drawn by an inner spirit into a new focus on silence, contemplative depth, and the apophatic Christian […]

Living silence in the context of noise-inducing appointments

The Anglican Communion and the Church of England have created more disturbance and noise in recent weeks, the Communion by appointing the Nigerian bishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon as General Secretary of the Anglican Communion and the Church of England this week by appointing Prebendary Rod Thomas as bishop of Maidstone to minster to conservative evangelicals committed […]

True God and false idols

20150414_102331compressed×300.jpg 225w,×75.jpg 56w” sizes=”(max-width: 336px) 100vw, 336px” />Reading John 20.11-18 this morning, I concluded that Judaism and Islam are wise in not allowing images. Mary of Magdala wants to know who removed the body of Jesus and where this person has taken the body so that she can take it away herself and reinter […]

From the personal to the infinite

Reflections on receiving an MBE for work towards equality in the Church Sanjay Kumar, a trustee from the earliest days of Changing Attitude, was one of the trustees past and present who came to the celebration following the Investiture on Friday. Sanjay gave me a card in which he quoted Mattie Stepanek: “Unity is Strength […]

Holding the bishops in love

20140423_201129×453.jpg 605w,×56.jpg 75w, 797w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />I’d like to make a suggestion. Changing Attitude is about to write to every member of the College of Bishops. The letter points out that they are part of a church in which everything has already changed for LGBTI people, even though we recognise that […]

Teilhard de Chardin, the zest for life, and human flourishing

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

For the past two weeks my attention has been focused on writing a response to the Shared Conversations paper prepared for General Synod, to the legal status of lesbian and gay clergy who marry, and the temptations of taking part in a Channel 4 programme. All this activity intrudes on my need for reflective space, […]

Bearing gifts: trans people’s giftedness

We come, bearing gifts

Trans people are not a problem for society or the churches – they are a gift. It is society, when its laws lag behind current knowledge, and the Christian church, when it prefers to judge rather than to love, that is the problem. In many traditional cultures, trans people were often the priests and shamans, […]

Open our flesh, and we shall embody your presence

I think the Church has repeatedly mislaid the divine imperative revealed in the life and teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the ministry of his apostle Paul. The early Church lost confidence in the energy released through the resurrection, absorbed by the need to respond with practical matters of survive and evolution. I […]

Changing Attitude in 2013 – a life-giving vision

Retired Archbishop Rowan Williams – what a strange thought. Rowan, tutor from my Westcott days, was an easy friend before being appointed to Canterbury. My friendship with him wasn’t the only one to be changed following his elevation. I hope coming back down to earth restores the previously relaxed informality of friendship. In his New […]

New Year’s Eve 2012 and dreams for 2013

I decided it would be a good idea to use the post-Christmas Day period to reflect on the year that’s ending and look ahead to what 2013 may bring and what Changing Attitude might like to bring to 2013. I have ideas that seem obvious when I rehearse them walking across Salisbury Plain but much […]