New Zealand Bishop rejects charge of “white collar crime”

The Rt Revd Philip Richardson, Bishop of Taranaki

Bishop Philip Richardson’s response to the St Matthew-in-the-City’s petition concerning the Anglican Church in New Zealand’s discrimination against gay and lesbian people – an article for Taonga by Lloyd Ashton. A new petition urging bishops to end their “discrimination” against gays and lesbians misunderstands both church law and the power of bishops to change church […]

Stop White Collar Crime – Petition to the Anglican Bishops of New Zealand

Ask NZ bishops to end their discrimination against gays and lesbians The Wardens, Vestry and Parishioners of St Matthew-in-the-City ask you to consider: For many centuries gay and lesbian Christians have served the Anglican Church in positions of leadership. Most though have hidden their sexual orientation. In recent times however as Western society has become […]