Colin Coward had a letter published in last Friday’s Church of England Newspaper in response to an earlier letter from Andrew Symes, the new Executive Secretary of Anglican Mainstream. Andrew provided the opportunity for Changing Attitude to state clearly that any doctrine or teaching of the Church which allows or encourages prejudiced (let alone abusive, violent […]

Dreams and challenges we all (and especially the House of Bishops) have to face

Following the House of Lords debate on the Marriage (same sex couples bill) when Lord Dear’s motion was decisively defeated, dates have been announced for the committee stage – Monday 17th, Wednesday 19th, and Monday 24th June. A number of amendments have been tabled, some by members of the House of Bishops. If I was […]

The Phenomenon of Man and the eruption of equal marriage

I’m reading Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s The Phenomenon of Man at the moment. I’ve been meaning to read it for over 40 years and have finally got around to it! He wrote the book in 1947 but it was published posthumously after his death in 1955. Rome refused to allow him to publish. In the […]

The deeper (mis)understandings which divide us

Many people have been busy investigating and analysing the reasons which led to the defeat of the women in the episcopate measure last week. The two conservative blocks represented by Reform and Forward in Faith provide the bedrock of opposition to the measure. They were supported by people who voted according to personal conscience or […]

Anxiety over women bishops – where is faith in God’s infinite, loving presence?

I’m preparing to leave for the annual residential meeting of the Changing Attitude trustees, being held this year in North Reddish, between Manchester and Stockport, in the parish where trustee Clive is incumbent. The annual residential enables us to reflect on the past 12 months and from there, address the needs of next year focused […]

Changing Attitude presents ‘evidence’ to the House of Bishops Working Group

This morning four of us arrived at Church House to present our ‘evidence’ to the House of Bishops Working Group chaired by Sir Joseph Pilling. We were asked to introduce ourselves and then to present our ‘evidence’, based on our submission to the group. We over-ran our allotted 20 minutes, unfortunately. Joe Pilling then talked […]

The c4m petition – how Christian bullying and abuse achieves anti-gay goals

For some time I’ve been receiving reports from people attending churches where the Coalition for Marriage (c4m) petition has been circulated. They report having to make up excuses to avoid signing, such was the pressure being brought to almost force people to sign. Some escaped after church, others lied and said they signed online. I […]

The Church of England – still nowhere near honest to God

Honest to God

Reading Diarmaid MacCulloch’s History of Christianity and reaching the C20th, I’ve been driven today to search for my copy of Honest to God, third impression, March 1963 – it was a best seller, reprinted twice in a month! What has happened to the inspirational wisdom of Bishop John Robinson? He wasn’t saying anything new that […]

Kenyan High Court reaffirms ruling to recognise woman to woman marriage

Behind the Mask carries an article by Melissa Wainaina describing how the High Court in the Kenyan city of Mombasa has backed a landmark ruling allowing a woman who was ‘married’ to another woman to inherit her late ‘husband’s’ property worth millions of shillings. In a follow up decision Mombasa High Court judge Maureen Odero […]

Where does true integrity reside in LGB&T Christians?

I had a moment of revelation this morning, when various strands of current experience suddenly fell into place and I glimpsed the deeper connections between them which helped resolve my confused state of recent days. I reflected on the profile of the supporters and trustees of Changing Attitude England. We are mostly people in the […]