Ploughing through the Pilling Report – No 6: Statistics and the Church’s homophobia

I’m continuing to plough – slowly – through the Pilling Report, and pick up here at the second section of Part 2, ‘Summarizing the Evidence’, which is entitled Sexuality and social trends It begins with the incidence of homosexuality in the UK. If I were researching this topic I think I would probably start with […]

Changing Attitude Ireland marked IDAHOT

Changing Attitude Ireland (CAI) marked the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, 17th May, with events in churches around Ireland. On Friday 17th in Newry, Co. Down at 8.30pm, at St Catherine’s church, Dominic St, there was an evening for IDAHOT of reflections and sacred songs, co-hosted by the Newry Rainbow Community and CAI. On Sunday in […]

Kenyan media house bans hate speech targeting LGBTI in adverts

Melissa Wainaina, Arcus Correspondent Kenya

Election time is looming in Kenya and there is a sense of guardedness as the country moves from the dark past of post election violence in 2007 that resulted in the deaths of over 1,500 people. The upcoming election is also a litmus test of the new people-driven constitution that Kenyans came up with in […]

A pride with no parade for Burma’s first gay festival

Hundreds of people in Burma have attended the country’s first public gay pride event. The festival reflects a new climate of political reform that has led to the election of a civilian government, ending 50 years of military rule. Gay relationships are still a crime in Burma, but the law is not strictly enforced. However […]

International Day against Homophobia in Iran

IDAHO in Iran×453.jpg 605w, 1000w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />In Iran, because of anti-homosexuality laws and oppressive conditions, there aren’t many observable activities; however, LGBT activists have many actions for this day every year. Homophobia and transphobia are social disorders that cause people to to act out against homosexuals and transsexuals. LGBT rights activists have done […]

Korea – homophobia, transphobia is violence

Korea 400w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />Today, May 17, is the day when the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from its list of mental diseases. It is also the International Day Against Homophobia. Today, LGBT people living in many countries around the world come out to the streets and rallies to convey the message that […]

Faith, Feminism, and LGBTQ women – is anyone listening?

Cutting Edge Consortium Women’s Group Public Meeting  A Public meeting on Wednesday 18th January 2012 at 7pm, at: The Conference Room (Floor 1), YMCA, Indian Student Hostel, 41 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 6AQ   The Cutting Edge Consortium wishes to invite you to a public meeting to discuss the place of LBTQ women of faith in current […]

That was the week that was

that was the week that was×150.jpg 150w,×100.jpg 100w,×200.jpg 200w” sizes=”(max-width: 225px) 100vw, 225px” /> Well, maybe not that momentous, but it was the week in which on Channel 4 broadcast seven people’s responses to the question ‘is it wrong to change gender?’ It sounds a lot of airtime, but given that each programme is less than 2 […]

Naming and shaming

Trans Media Watch

In her powerful message on last night’s ‘writer, rights campaigner and raver’ Paris Lees named the biggest problem faced by transgender people  – the discrimination, bigotry and prejudice that is summed up in the word ‘transphobia’, meaning a strong aversion to trans people. Paris gave a personal example: some people seem to think that […]