A Chosen Lifestyle?

Elaine Sommers, a trustee of Changing Attitude England, contributes this blog:  ‘Stop messing about; you’re on the road to hell.’ ‘What you’re doing is sinful and against God’s laws. You need some serious prayer ministry.’ ‘You need to repent of your chosen lifestyle. ‘ Who made these strongly worded statements and to whom were they […]

Transgender and Intersex groups form Pan-African Alliance

Ugandan intersex activist Julius Kaggwa

The organizations include South African based Gender DynamiX (GDX), Uganda’s Support Initiative for People with atypical Sexual Development (SIPD) and Transgender and Intersex Africa (TIA).   A press statement issued in Kampala today (February 2) by Julius Kaggwa, the SIPD director, said the partnership “Will concentrate its efforts mainly on advocacy in Sub-Saharan Africa.” He […]

Supreme Court Ruling Gives Pakistan’s Beleaguered Transgender Community New Hope

After decades of neglect and persecution, Pakistan’s transgender minority has been offered new hope following a court decision to give the long-oppressed community the right to vote, Radio Free Europe reports. Pakistan’s Supreme Court issued a ruling on November 14 ordering the country’s election commission to collect data from the transgender community and register them […]

WPATH announces new standards of care for transgender and gender nonconforming people

WPATH revision committee chair Eli Coleman launched the 7th version of the standards of care to some 300 people who attended the symposium as part of a partnership with the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association and the Southern Comfort Conference, the largest transgender conference in the nation that takes place annually in Atlanta. There were […]

Ugandan transsexual woman molested and hospitalised for looking abnormal

A Ugandan transsexual woman, Ms Beyonce has made a desperate call to Uganda Police for protection from public molestation, including physical beatings for allegedly “looking abnormal.” Ms Beyonce, who was born Benjamin Tushabe, in an interview with Behind the Mask on July 3, in Kampala said she has been molested five times in less than […]