The effect of the taboo against same-sex marriage in Nigeria

At the New Year, Uche Sam, Director of Changing Attitude Nigeria, sent a message to his members in the context of the anti-gay marriage act. He began by sharing his fear that at the turn of the year, Nigeria is harbouring a lot of homes where husbands will be unfaithful to their wives and families. Ignorance about […]

Time to challenge the powers that be and transform the culture of the House of Bishops

I’ve spent Saturday at the Convent of the Holy Name in Derby at a meeting of Changing Attitude trustees where we spent much of the time discussing our campaign to persuade the Church of England to allow civil partnerships in church. The trustees are committed to a campaign to persuade General Synod (the only body […]

Nigerian Senate votes for draconian anti-gay law to ban same-sex marriage

The Nigerian Senate voted on Tuesday 29 November to criminalise same-sex marriages and civil unions, with penalties of up to 14 years jail for participants and 10 years jail for anyone who helps or witnesses such a marriage or union. The bill also says that same-sex marriages contracted in foreign country shall be void in […]

Reports that Nigerian Same Gender Marriage Prohibition Bill 2011 will be voted today

Yesterday evening, Uche Sam, Director of Changing Attitude Nigeria, alerted me that the Same Gender Marriage Prohibition Bill is to be voted on today. This morning, Davis Mac-Iyalla reported the same news. A report from Nigeria posted later said the bill was submitted to the senate yesterday after review by the committee but there has […]

Pictures of the Coalition at the same gender marriage bill hearing in Abuja

The Coalition meeting on Sunday evening to prepare for the hearing

Uche Sam, Director of Changing Attitude Nigeria, has sent pictures of the hearing on the same gender marriage bill which took place at the National Assembly in Abuja, Nigeria, on Monday 31 October 2011. CAN was a member of the Coalition which presented statements against the bill at the Hearing. Uche says that he was involved in a number of conversations with protestors after the Hearing concluded. Those who were prepared to listen to him were talking with a gay man for the first time in their lives, and having engaged, began to change their minds – Changing Attitude in action!

Uche Sam reports on Monday’s hearing for the same gender marriage bill in Nigeria

Yesterday the public hearing of the same gender marriage bill was held at the National assembly in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. The bill’s objective is to ban same sex marriage in Nigeria. Uche Sam, the Director of Changing Attitude Nigeria was present at the hearing together with other members forming the Coalition group headed […]

Uche Sam, Director of CA Nigeria is in Abuja for the same gender marriage bill hearing

Uche Sam, Director of Changing Attitude Nigeria is currently in Abuja representing CAN at the public hearing today on the Same gender marriage bill. On Sunday evening a Coalition of pro-gay organisations met and did a lot of training on presentation in preparation for today’s hearing. Uche prays that tomorrow will mark a day of […]

Church of Nigeria sees gay crisis as the sign of the times


Uche Sam writes from Nigeria:   It has been am interesting week here in Jos as I joined the Church of Nigeria in Jos on their Youth week held at St Paul’s Anglican church. The event started on Friday 26th August and ended on Sunday 28th August with the theme ‘Challenges that face the youth […]

Uche Sam, leader of Changing Attitude Nigeria, reflects on Archbishop Okoh’s ideas

It is so unfortunate that things are happening this way, but we must expect such and even more from those who hate us. The Archbishop talks about morals and fails to understand human sexuality. There is no way our sexuality affects our morals, it is just the African mentality and our failure to accept change. […]