Same sex marriage guidance for clergy

Guidance to Church of England clergy in dealing with issues arising from the document: House of Bishops Pastoral Guidance on Same Marriage of 15 February 2014 The relevant section of the Pastoral Guidance reads (boldface in original): 27. The House is not, therefore, willing for those who are in a same sex marriage to be […]

LGBTI Anglican Coalition members to discuss facilitated conversations at Lambeth Palace

Six members of the LGBTI Anglican Coalition who represent the spectrum of sexual and gender identities of the Coalition member organizations are attending a meeting at Lambeth Palace this afternoon to talk about the facilitated conversations. The conversations are a core element of the recommendations made in the ‘Pilling Report’ of the House of Bishops […]

I am impatient with LGBTI cowards (and bishops)

An LGBTI activist friend has written an angry and frustrated commentary, published privately, on the reluctance of some gay advocates to demand action when it is needed. On the day when the Ugandan President has signed  the anti-gay bill into law, and a month after the Nigerian president signed the anti-gay marriage bill, I am […]

European leaders condemn Uganda’s anti-gay law

Nick Clegg: Uganda’s anti-gay law is an abhorrent backwards step The British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has tweeted his strong opposition to Uganda’s anti-gay law, as the country’s President signed it into law today. Mr Clegg tweeted: “The Ugandan anti-gay law is an abhorrent backwards step for human rights. It should never be a crime […]

Reflections on the Archbishops’ Letter to the Anglican Primates & the Presidents of Nigeria & Uganda

The wording of the headline is awkward: ‘Archbishops recall commitment to pastoral care and friendship for all, regardless of sexual orientation.’ My first impression was that the Archbishops of Canterbury and York were ‘recalling’, i.e. withdrawing, Monday evening’s Statement by the Church of England College of Bishops, following its reflections on the Pilling Report […]

David Kato RIP

David Kato×401.jpg 605w, 658w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” /> Three years ago today, David Kato Kisule the Advocacy & Litigation Officer for SMUG, Sexual Minorities Uganda, was murdered in cold blood at his house in Mukono. A memorial service is being held this Sunday afternoon to remember David and celebrate his life at St. Paul’s […]

Stark choices face the Primates and Bishops of the Anglican Communion in 2014

As a poisoned Christmas present to the people of Uganda, the Ugandan parliament, at a non-quorate session, passed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in the week before Christmas. Its legal legitimacy has been questioned. The bill now goes to President Yoweri Museveni to be signed into law. Museveni has said he will review the Bill carefully before deciding […]

Ugandan Parliament passes Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Uganda’s parliament abruptly passed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill Friday, though the prime minister said that not enough members of parliament were present to establish a formal quorum and validate the vote. The bill was passed without any public notice, prompting international rights organizations to question its legal legitimacy. The bill now goes to President Yoweri Museven to […]

Retired Ugandan bishop calls for passing of anti-gay Bill

The Uganda Monitor reports that Bishop Emeritus for the diocese of Bukedi, the Rt Revd Nicodemus Okile, who retired last year after 28 years of ministry, has asked Parliament to expedite the passing of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill to regulate the growing practice of homosexuality in the country. The bishop chose to make his remarks when […]

Beach Pride Uganda 2013

Beach Pride Uganda 2013

Frank Mugisha and the amazing members of the LGBTI community in Kampala celebrated Gay Pride last weekend and here are the pictures to prove it. Congratulations, brave friends in Uganda.×300.jpg 235w” sizes=”(max-width: 339px) 100vw, 339px” />×225.jpg 300w, 960w” sizes=”(max-width: 605px) 100vw, 605px” />×225.jpg 300w, 960w” sizes=”(max-width: 605px) 100vw, 605px” /> […]