Interview with Activist Kasha Jacqueline and MP David Bahati about Uganda Anti-homosexuality Bill

Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera

ILGA reports that Ugandan Activist Kasha Jacqueline was interviewed in the Sunday edition of Uganda’s Daily Monitor along with MP David Bahati about the future of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009. As MP Bahati plans to reintroduce the bill in the next session of parliament, Kasha Jacqueline reiterated that “we need Ugandans to stand up […]

Bahati’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill falls

Frank Mugisha, Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo and other human rights defenders delivering the Avaaz petition to the Ugandan Parliament

The Ugandan Parliament adjourned on Friday without taking any action on pending legislation including the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Earlier last week the Parliament had been stalled on a “technicality.” MPs discussed a motion to continue all business until the next Parliament perhaps next week, when a new Cabinet is in place. The Speaker of Parliament Rt.Hon.Edward […]

Death with the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill and GAFCON, and freedom for the rest of us

Ugandan MP David Bahati

I’ve been following with some anxiety the progress of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda and the news published yesterday about GAFCON’s future plans. The Uganda Bill first, and to simplify by focussing on one detail – MP David Bahati, sponsor of the Bill has been saying for some time that the death penalty will be […]

Martin Ssempa’s unreliable ex-gay witnesses

Paul Kagaba

Gug recently commented on an article published by the New York Times about Martin Ssempa’s current campaign to have the anti-gay Bill become law in Uganda and the visit he made to meet the speaker of the Ugandan parliament, Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi. Accompanying the coalition of religious leaders and civil society organizers were two ‘self-described […]

Ugandan government dismisses Bahati anti-homosexuality bill

David Bahati, sponsor of the bill

Changing Attitude received a text message from Uganda at 18.52 on Thursday evening reporting that the Ugandan Parliament had rejected the Bahati Bill saying the current law had enough provisions criminalizing homosexual acts. Reports online today indicate that the report is true. Behind the Mask reports that the bill appears to be dead, as does […]

Reports say Ugandan parliament will return to anti-gay bill next week

David Bahati MP

The Ugandan website ugpulse reports that the controversial Anti Homosexuality bill is one of several bills that Members of Parliament on the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee are set to debate when the House resumes business next week. Another report, from the government-owned New Vision, also said the bill would be debated next week. Speaking […]

A successful, anti-gay African Bishops Conference in Entebbe?

Arguing about the divisions in the Anglican Communion over homosexuality feels futile sometimes. The bishops who gathered in Entebbe last week think they represent the majority, the true Christians, for whom homosexuality is the most evil abomination imaginable. I do not belong to such a group. If their interpretation of Jesus’ teaching leads them to […]

Ugandan LGBT people disappearing as the All Africa Bishops Conference prepares to meet

Leonard Clark Beardsley’s recent blog reminded me to check gayuganda’s blog on Sunday. Gug hasn’t posted since 15 July when he reported that: They’ve had a journalist infiltrate the Kampala gay community to try and ferret out what makes gay boys tick. It’s not the first time this sort of thing has happened and the […]

Lord Hope says right-wing evangelical churches indulge in rampant homophobic teaching

Yesterday the panel of five Supreme Court justices ruled unanimously to allow the appeals from two gay men, from Cameroon and Iran, who had been refused asylum on the grounds they could hide their sexuality by behaving discreetly. Lord Hope, who read out the judgement, said: “To compel a homosexual person to pretend that his […]

Uganda missing gay man found beheaded in a farm latrine while the CofE worries about Jeffrey John

I have just finished a live discussion on Premier Radio with Chris Sugden about the possibility of Jeffrey John being recommended for Southwark by the Crown Nomination Commission meeting this afternoon. Chris said ‘so what’ in response to me when I said that his appointment would be good in that it would bring honesty and […]