Uganda Human Rights Commission report urges right to health for all

The Uganda Human Rights Commission Chair, Medi Kaggwa

The Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) has presented its annual report on the situation of human rights in the country to Parliament urging the right to health for all Ugandans, without discrimination. The report, presented on Monday to Parliament, also contains text from Uganda’s Universal Periodic Review (a mechanism of the United Nations Human Rights […]

Ugandan transsexual woman molested and hospitalised for looking abnormal

A Ugandan transsexual woman, Ms Beyonce has made a desperate call to Uganda Police for protection from public molestation, including physical beatings for allegedly “looking abnormal.” Ms Beyonce, who was born Benjamin Tushabe, in an interview with Behind the Mask on July 3, in Kampala said she has been molested five times in less than […]