English and Welsh Roman Catholic bishops say Equality Bill redefines who can be a priest

Catholic News Service – Simon Caldwell The Catholic bishops of England and Wales said they could be at risk of prosecution under a proposed law unless they accept women, sexually active gays and transsexuals as candidates to the priesthood. They made their claims in a briefing for Catholic members of the House of Lords, Britain’s […]

Church leaders in Liverpool release ‘groundbreaking’ condemnation of homophobia

Leaders of the six main Christian churches in Liverpool have released a joint statement condemning homophobia in the city. The statement came from the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, United Reformed, Baptist and Society of Friends (Quakers) churches. It said: “The church leaders condemn this latest homophobic attack and extend their sympathy to James Parkes’ family. […]

Courage Scotland Open Letter to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

To the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland As you meet this week, you are faced with a difficult subject – that of homosexuality in the Church. We want to assure you of our prayers. We are evangelicals who believe that Scripture does not condemn homosexual relationships. We are made up of heterosexual and […]

Evangelicals call for change of attitude on gays

Ekklesia Several groups of evangelical Christians who believe that the churches need a positive change of heart and mind on the issue of homosexuality have called on church organisations condemning an American anti-gay hate group to face up to their own discriminatory policies and behaviour. Accepting Evangelicals, Courage, the Network of Baptists Affirming Lesbian and […]

Evangelical Alliance publishes booklet warning church about transsexuality

The Evangelical Alliance (EA) has published a new booklet, Gender Recognition: A Guide for Churches to The Gender Recognition Act (UK). In a comment on their web site about a previous publication, Transsexuality, EA reveals why it is publishing booklets on gender dysphoria. Transsexuality assessed the potential impact of the Gender Recognition Act, especially on […]

The Bishop of Worcester dissociates himself from bishops’ statement on civil partnerships

Dr Peter Selby – full article in Church Times The Bishop of Worcester, Dr Peter Selby, a patron of Changing Attitude, has written an article for the Church Times (19 August) dissociating himself from the House of Bishops over its statement on the Civil Partnerships Act. Changing Attitude knows from conversations with over 15 bishops […]

Civil Partnerships – A pastoral statement from the House of Bishops of the Church of England

On 5 December 2005 the Civil Partnership Act comes into force. It will for the first time enable two people of the same sex to acquire a new legal status by registering a civil partnership with each other. The House of Bishops has prepared this statement to help the Church as it addresses the pastoral […]

Trade Unions lose case over gay employment rights

Trade Unions have lost their case with the churches in the High Court over employment equality for lesbian and gay people in faith-based organisations. However, they have been given permission to appeal. While some conservative church groups welcomed the decision, the High Court judge ruled that the new employment protection regulations which allow faith-based employers […]

Letter in The Times from the Bishops of Salisbury, Chelmsford, Leicester, Ripon & Leeds, St Albans and Truro

The Times From the Bishops of Salisbury, Chelmsford, Leicester, Ripon & Leeds, St Albans and Truro Letter in the London Times ~ Monday 7 March 2005 The Church and homosexuality Sir, We are encouraged by the commitment of the primates of the Anglican Communion to “the underlying reality of our communion in God the Holy […]