Brussels says churches must lift ban on employing homosexuals

Thanks are due to the National Secular Society and the European Commission for ensuring that the British Government redrafts the controversial exemptions in the anti-discrimination laws that allow church bodies to refuse to employ lesbian and gay people. The European Commission sent a reasoned opinion to the United Kingdom on Friday for incorrectly implementing EU […]

‘Christian’ policeman loses disciplinary hearing over attitudes to homosexuality

A policeman who objected to what he claimed was the aggressive promotion of homosexual rights within the Norfolk Constabulary lost a disciplinary hearing brought against him by his police force. He objected to being ‘bombarded’ at work by emails and posters promoting gay rights and events and has now been sacked for misconduct. Mr Cogman […]

Church leaders launch concerted attack on gay equality

Various church leaders and groups launched an attack this week on the introduction in January of the Sexual Orientation Regulations in Northern Ireland. The new laws are designed to stop businesses from discriminating against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Coherent and Cohesive Voice published a full page advert in the Times, the Archbishop of […]

Trade Unions lose case over gay employment rights

Trade Unions have lost their case with the churches in the High Court over employment equality for lesbian and gay people in faith-based organisations. However, they have been given permission to appeal. While some conservative church groups welcomed the decision, the High Court judge ruled that the new employment protection regulations which allow faith-based employers […]

Changing Attitude welcomes Lords’ approval of the Civil Partnership Bill

Changing Attitude welcomes the passage of the Civil Partnership Bill by the House of Lords. When the Bill gains royal assent later this year, same-sex couples across England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be allowed to register their relationship and be legally recognized for the first time. The Revd Colin Coward, Director of Changing Attitude, […]

Civil Partnership Bill passes final hurdle in the Lords

The Civil Partnerships Bill passed its final hurdle in the Lords on Wednesday 17 November after a heated three hour debate and protests that it would create unfair tax advantages for a minority. It now awaits Royal Assent. The success came despite a final bid by a senior Conservative backbencher to widen the Bill to […]

Civil Partnership bill wrecking amendment defeated

On Tuesday 9 November the House of Commons voted to in favour of the Civil Partnership bill, whilst simultaneously rejecting a Conservative amendment viewed by many as a “wrecking tactic”. Members voted 381 to 74 against the amendment, which called for the rights and responsibilities offered to lesbian and gay couples to be extended to […]

Government adds pension rights to Civil Partnership bill

The government has stayed true to its pledge and announced it will add pension equality to the list of rights and responsibilities currently set to be received by lesbian and gay couples who sign up to the proposed Civil Partnerships bill. In an announcement made on 26 October during the committee stage of the bill, […]

Civil Partnership Bill given second reading

On Tuesday 12 October the Commons voted overwhelmingly to give the Civil Partnership Bill a second reading. The minister for Equality, Jacqui Smith, told MPs that this Bill was the latest step in a long journey, which started when homosexuality was decriminalised in 1968. MPs voted to proceed consideration of the Bill by 426 to […]