Time for the Church of England to affirm, welcome, celebrate and bless same-sex relationships

The leader in the Church Times yesterday concluded by saying, “In the mean time, there are the twin concerns of public perception and mission. A greater enthusiasm for the blessing of same-sex partnerships in church would be one effective way of countering the negative impression given this week.” The blessing of same-sex partnerships is the […]

LGBT Excellence Centre Wales calls for marriage equality

In response to the Church of England’s submission to the Government’s consultation on Equal Civil Marriage, the LGBT Excellence Centre is publishing today their report from a community engagement event detailing the views of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Wales. The 20-page submission was produced following a consultation event held on 15 […]

The Archbishop of Wales, Barry Morgan, a patron of Changing Attitude, says the Gospel must be good news for gay people

Church in Wales Press Release Christians need to show how the Gospel of Jesus is good news for gay people, the Archbishop of Wales said today. Dr Barry Morgan said he was concerned about the welfare of gay people whom he feared could feel uncomfortable and unwelcome in churches over the coming months as Government […]

The Archbishop of Wales’ statement about the Uganda Bill

The Archbishop of Wales, Barry Morgan, a patron of Changing Attitude, has issued a statement, via his press office: “Whatever one’s standpoint on same sex relationships, the private members motion for an Anti Homosexuality Bill in Uganda is unacceptable. It could lead to the legitimising of violence against gay and lesbian people which is totally against […]