Majority of bishops conform with requirements of 2005 HoB pastoral statement on Civil Partnerships

I’m happy to admit that I’m doing a total volte-face. Changing Attitude has been challenged by various people to confirm whether or not we can prove that a majority of bishops currently license partnered lesbian and gay clergy in disregard of the 2005 House of Bishops’ Pastoral Statement. The relevant section of the Pastoral Statement […]

Winchelsea case sends a message to all bishops

The Revd David Page retired as parish priest of St Barnabas Clapham Common and chair of Changing Attitude England in 2008, moving eventually to Winchelsea with Howard, his civil partner. Howard has held a Permission to Officiate (PTO) in the diocese of Chichester for many years, having lived and worked there as a teacher. When David […]

Wallace Benn accused of gross negligence, C of E charged with failure to suspend him

The performance of the Diocese of Chichester and of Lambeth Palace has come under the spotlight again thanks to letters obtained by the BBC under the Freedom of Information Act. The letters are of interest to Changing Attitude for a number of reasons. Bishop Wallace Benn is a key member of Reform, GAFCON and FCA. […]

The Dysfunctional Culture of the Diocese of Chichester and its Paralysed Bishop

Keith Sharpe, convenor of Changing Attitude Sussex, writes about the Chichester report: The Interim Report of the Commissaries of the Archbishop of Canterbury charged with inquiring into the sexual abuse of children by Churchof England Clergyin the Diocese of Chichester was published on Thursday 30th August.  It follows on from earlier reports commissioned by the […]

Time for the truth that sets us free

The Very Revd Jeffrey John, Dean of St Albans, has an article in today’s Church Times titled ‘Time to tell the truth about gays’. He says: “It is obvious that a number of bishops are gay, and some are or have been in gay relationships, yet they constantly refer to gay people as if they […]

Permanent, Faithful, Stable republished with new foreword by Jeffrey John – and bishops asked about civil partnerships

Tomorrow evening I’m attending the launch of the revised edition of Permanent, Stable, Faithful in St Alban’s Cathedral. The new edition is subtitled: Christian same-sex marriage. Jeffrey has written a new Preface and Postscript and Mark Oakley, Canon of St Paul’s Cathedral, has written a new Foreword. Jeffrey has abridged the new Preface for an […]

Bishops in Lewes, Diocese of Chichester and Mombasa, Kenya, unwittingly reveal the drama of changing attitudes towards LGBTI people in the Anglican Communion

Eddie Mair interviewed the Revds David Page and Howard Norton for iPM on BBC R4 this evening. They were interviewed about the Clergy Discipline Measure procedure take against David by Bishop Wallace Benn following David’s honesty in applying for a PTO 5 years after Wallace had refused David a PTO because David wouldn’t answer questions […]

Drama on Radio 5 Live Winchelsea interview with Gerry O’Brien and Bishop Stephen Lowe following David Page

An interview with Revd David Page was broadcast on the Stephen Nolan programme on Radio 5 Live on Sunday evening, at 11.45, 1 hour 45 minutes into the programme. Stephen Nolan quizzed David at length about his original interview with Bishop Wallace Benn, his involvement with the parish in Winchelsea, his attitude towards Church of […]

Winchelsea and the Clergy Discipline Measure investigation of Bishop Wallace Benn

The Bishop of Lewes, Wallace Benn

The BBC has now published a report about David Page, Fr Howard Cocks and David’s lack of a PTO although he has been preaching and taking services at St Thomas the Martyr in Winchelsea, as reported on Wednesday by Changing Attitude. The Diocese of Chichester said that Mr Page had been ministering even though he […]

Wallace Benn and Winchelsea – there are more questions to answer

Bishop Wallace Benn may have unwittingly started a process which will lead to the dismantling of the Church of England’s policy towards LGB&T people. Last week the Diocesan legal officer issued formal notification to David Page and Fr Howard Cocks that a complaint has been laid against them by the Archdeacon under the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003. […]