Energising the C of E to radically inclusive mission and ministry

Clive, Hilary and Tina checking in at McKinsey's front desk

The trustees of Changing Attitude England met yesterday in central London, in a room overlooking Piccadilly Circus. A potential new lesbian trustee also joined us. The landscape in which our campaign for the full inclusion of LGB&T people in the Church of England is being progressed had changed dramatically following the no vote on women in […]

Civil Partnerships in Church of England churches

The Government has issued a Consultation document on allowing Civil Partnerships to be held in religious buildings. The Archbishop of Canterbury and an anonymous CofE spokesperson have both previously said it isn’t going to be allowed. Changing Attitude will respond positively to the government’s Consultation and will also begin to campaign actively for the Church […]

Chichester – Bishop’s Move

Proposed survey of attitudes to LGBT peopleSome time ago we at Changing Attitude Sussex (CAS) decided to conduct a survey of the attitudes of churches in our diocese towards LGBT people. We announced our plans to the local press and got a fair amount of good media coverage. As a result a number of Anglican […]

Changing Attitude Sussex hits the local press

Changing Attitude diocesan groups continue to make an impact across the country, and this week it’s the turn of the newly-formed Sussex group which covers the diocese of Chichester. The Brighton Argus has a leading article today responding to an article published on Tuesday by Father Ray Blake of St Mary Magdalene Catholic Church in […]