Changing Anglican Communion attitudes towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people is more important than the Covenant

Thanks to the 23 diocesan synods which have voted against the Anglican Covenant, it cannot now return to General Synod for adoption in this quinquennium. The Covenant was developed as a solution to the crisis that erupted in 2003 following the election of Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire. But the origins of the problems […]

Changing Attitude Nigeria will campaign against the prohibition marriage between persons of the same sex bill

Changing Attitude Nigeria Press Release Changing Attitude Nigeria (CAN) deplores the introduction of “A bill for an act to prohibition marriage between persons of same sex, solemnisation of same and for other matters related therewith” in the Nigerian Parliament. The Bill will have an immediate negative effect, raising prejudice against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender […]

Misapprehensions by Anglican Mainstream 4: The Listening Process will change the Church

I fear that Anglican Mainstream and other Anglican bodies want to rewrite history and deny the experience of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, make us non-persons in the Church. Dr Philip Giddings maintains there is an important distinction between the “listening process” to which the Anglican Communion committed itself in the Windsor Report and […]

Misapprehensions by Anglican Mainstream – 3: The Listening Process

This is going to be a long blog, but there’s no other way to set the record straight. Having written about the meetings Dr Philip Giddings thinks we, LGB&T Anglican groups, had with the liberal bishops, Dr Giddings then goes on to explain that the listening process wasn’t authorized by and didn’t begin with Lambeth […]

A successful, anti-gay African Bishops Conference in Entebbe?

Arguing about the divisions in the Anglican Communion over homosexuality feels futile sometimes. The bishops who gathered in Entebbe last week think they represent the majority, the true Christians, for whom homosexuality is the most evil abomination imaginable. I do not belong to such a group. If their interpretation of Jesus’ teaching leads them to […]

The full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Christians is the most serious threat to the life of the Communion says Kenneth Kearon

Canon Kenneth Kearon met the Episcopal Church’s Executive Council on Friday and told them that in removing Episcopal Church members from some Anglican Communion ecumenical dialogues “the aim has not been to get at the Episcopal Church, but to find room for others to remain as well as enabling as full a participation as possible […]

What the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Secretary General should really be doing

The old, patriarchal paradigm of power, authority and control continues to exert its influence over some leaders of the Anglican Communion as they respond to the presence of LGBT people and the campaign waged by the self-proclaimed majority against our full inclusion. In his Pentecost letter the Archbishop of Canterbury proposes that members of provinces […]

Mary Glasspool’s consecration is a moment to celebrate God’s inclusive, transforming, radical love

Together with Diane Bruce, Mary Glasspool was consecrated bishop suffragan in the Diocese of Los Angeles yesterday. The Anglican Communion now has an open, partnered lesbian as a bishop as well as an open, partnered gay man. The service at the Long Beach Arena was themed ‘Rejoice!’, lasted three-hour hours and was attended by 3,000 […]

Confirmation of Mary Glaspool’s election

“Let us be firm and unswerving in the confession of our hope, for the giver of the promise is to be trusted. We ought to see how each of us may best arouse others to love and active goodness.” Hebrews 10.23,24 The Guardian’s headline today reads: ‘Crisis grips Catholic church as sex abuse allegations widen’. […]

Four wasted decades – the Anglican inability to engage with homosexuality

There is a thread running through the Anglican Communion’s engagement with homosexuality that I find curious – the inability to grasp the nettle despite tentative initiatives over 4 decades. I’m interested in the history of the Anglican Communion’s failure to grasp the nettle and wonder if there are lessons to be learnt. In 2005 The […]